16 Guns

"16 Guns" was one of the bands that were very good friends with me and "Circle of Sin". In fact Tom the vocalist was the vocalist of "Original Sin" before we broke up and became "Circle of Sin". Also Paul Lyons (Razor) our guitarist was also playing guitar for "16 Guns" at the same time. We would often play gigs together on the same bill and we would go out as mates to see other gigs including bands who were also mates of ours like "The Worms" and "Chaos". We were like a little family of friends supporting each other at gigs with often a little friendly jeering and heckling going on, but it was all done in good spirits. After "Circle Of Sin" broke up I joined "The Worms" for a while who then changed their name after a bit of a line up change to "Shadow Of Doubt" and Oein joined "The Shrew Kings". As far as I can remember "16 Guns" lasted longer on the scene than all the other bands which we were involved in. "16 Guns" recorded some demo songs on various trips to a recording studio and Tom has even got them on a CD which I recently updated the artwork for using images he had sent me. I have just added all the MP3s from the CD so click here and follow the links if you want to have a listen.

For further information regarding original / Circle Of Sin and 16 Guns click here for the band history written by Tom Halpin.

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