Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal Sessions
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Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal 7th Sept 1985

1. Homebrew

2. Cambodian Takeaway

3. Where Angels Fear To Tread

4. Shadow Of Doubt

5. Formula

6. Skull Beneath The Skin

7. Solitude

Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal 21st Sept 1985

8. Where Angels Fear To Tread

9. Formula

10. Solitude

11. Skull Beneath The Skin

12. Alistair's Prayer

13. Homebrew

14. Seven Year Itch

15. Law Of The Jungle

16. Cambodian Takeaway


Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal 19th Oct 1986

17. Homebrew

18. Where Angels Fear To Tread

19. Solitude

20. Seven Year Itch

21. Cambodian Takeaway

22. Law Of The Jungle

23. Formula

24. Skull Beneath The Skin

25. The Sex Life Of Brian

26. Alistair's Prayer

27. Shadow Of Doubt

All Vocals On This Page By Phil

Thanks To Chris For Tapes Of The Sessions

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