The Chaos Story

Written by Martin from notes by Dino

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Chaos started in early 1979 with :-


Paul Hardesty (Raggarty)-Vocals

Andy Sandham-Guitar

Peter Lock-Drums (He died of a drugs overdose in March 1980).

Their first gig was playing the "Ripped & Torn" benefit at The Squat in Covent Garden playing with The Barracudas on Friday June 15th 1979. The gig took place in a cellar with a low ceiling which resulted in Raggerty jumping too high and gashing his head open. He finishes the gig with blood pouring down his face.

The next line up was from February 1980 until April 1981 consisting of:-



Mick Roberts-Drums

Emmanuell Zeraffa (Manny)-Guitar

The first gig with this line-up was at Barn Hill School in Hayes on Saturday 29th March 1980. The last gig with this line-up was at Hamboro Tavern in Southall on 27th November 1980.

During this period (June 1980) Chaos went to Trax studios in Acton to record a nine track Demo. The tracks were :-

Hey You

Action Man

Just Havin' Some Fun

Painfull Pleasure

Billy Is A Bootboy



Kill Kill Kill

Harry Roberts

In April 1981 Dino leaves the band, the other three drop the bands name and carry on rehearsing for a while before going their seperate ways. Dino joins the Urban Dissidents.

On Wednesday 3rd March 1982 Chaos reform consisting of :-



Phillip Jones (Bill Bastard) (Ex Urban Collapse)-Guitar

Jim Hill-Drums

This line-up lasted until early 1986. The first gig with this line-up was on Thursday 6th May 1982 at the William IV pub in Pimlico supporting "Fear" and "Urban Dissidents".

On May 21st 1983 Chaos record some demo songs at Ealing Community Centre. The songs recorded were :-

Action Man

What's On Next



Tribal Warfare

Hey You

Lost Saviours

On Wednesday 26th October 1983 Chaos go to Alaska Studios in Waterloo to record some tracks for Motarhate records.

The Tracks recorded were :-

Action Man

What's on next

Tribal Warfare

Hey You

The first three tracks became Chaos' first single released on Pogar Records licensed from Fight Back Records in Germany. In March 1984 the track "Hey You" appeared on the "Who What Why Where When" album on Mortahate Records along with 16 Guns' track Private 999. The album reached number 3 in Sounds Indie Albums chart on 11th April 1984, number 5 in the NME chart on 12th April 1984 and number 7 in the Melody Maker Indie Album charts on 21st March 1984.

On Tuesday 31st July 1984 Chaos played the Fulham Greyhound which was recorded on video by a friend of the band.

In early 1986 Jim Hill leaves the band after a gig at The Bowler Hat pub in Stoke On Trent.

A new line-up from early 1986 until June 1987 consisted of :-



Bill-Rhythm Guitar

Dave Armstrong (Ex Fifth Column)-Drums

Paul Mole-Lead Guitar

On Sunday 24th August 1986 Chaos record some more demos at Ram Studios in Hayes. The following tracks were recorded :-


Little Green Bucket


Better Than Them

Unfortunately Chaos' last ever gig was on Sunday 28th June 1987 at the Mardis-Gras Club in Nottingham.

What happened to Chaos? The last we heard Jim Hill ended up marrying a Police Woman, Dave Armstrong was working for the Ministry Of Defence, Frog became a school teacher, teaching Religious Education (No Joke) and Dino is still working in a Mental Health Unit for the NHS.